The Enchanted Stream

A modern Slavic Hearth

 Zaczarowany Strumień  The Enchanted Stream

I have been making some major changes on this website.  Much of the information can be found on other sites on my resources page.  The changes I plan on making is to simplify my gods, add some correspondences to help others with altars.  Put rites, rituals and devotions that I actually do.  And to also make it easier for others to network with each other on the Slavic path.  

What I do is not by any means connected to those in the Old Country, who I think have an actual better idea how things were done, this I am not seeking.. I only seek to fulfill what my heart and soul desires from my faith, which is as close to what my grandparents told me, what I have read here and there in my own research, thus I am not trying to reconstruct an old Slavic faith, for I can not do that,  we do not seem to have any written records from back then, but I can make my own which I have, and I can call it anything I wish.


This is my Family Tradition, which I have expanded into a personal religion for myself and have opened it up for anyone.

This is not a tradition or religion that I am reconstructing, or a reconstruction group or tradition.  In these pages you will find that Polish is also part of the Slavic culture and tradition which is a large area, so things will over-lap some, it is not what some call true Polish, but it is how I practice it. Many things have been lost over the years, but most have been Christianized, and you have to take it apart and break it down to get to the core to see it. I find that from there one decides what elements they wish to build on from the core if any.

Although I was not personally taught the craft as the craft, rather I was taught by my parents and grandparents and through folklore and myths that was told to me as a child, and researched on the internet. Much of this is a copulation of my own ideas and I have my own rituals and my own way that I do my spellwork. I also was never taught the Polish language, which means I may have some words incorrect to some, but I have done what I could in the translations from a general translator. 

I am what they call a Czarownica – The Polish word for witch, entrantress or spellbinder. Working with spirits, conjuring, ancestors, do spellwork and use amulets and talismans. I also am a Znachor, Polish name for folk healer, best way to describe it. They detect poison, diseases and sicknesses and work healing's.  Interpret dreams to detect witchcraft and counteract the evil eye and baneful spells. They did not conjure spirits, but use the whispers, which back then were more important than the amulets or talismans used in the spell-work. 

Znachor are Practitioners of folk magic who were healers, (I am also a Reiki Master) herbalists, midwives, and were known as wise women and cunning men. In the past a Czarownica would most likely work on hexes and curses more than the Znachor.  Today I combine the two, because as I see it for my craft these two aspects work hand in hand with each other.

As a Czarownica I learned how to do Spoiling. Spoiling is a term used to mean a curse being on someone, or working magic against someone. One way of doing this is measuring out the exact length of someone’s footprint with a string, and then burning the string. A footprint in mud or snow was dug up and buried under the victim’s house to cause grief. I actually see Spoiling as spell crafting which is not just for harm, as in the old days, but rather plain old working magic.

As for priests and priestess I believe that we are all under the eyes of the Gods.                                          

This Path

This path is open to everyone. Working with the Slavic Pantheon, but individuals may work with any of the individual Slavic pantheons, Russian, Bulgarian and Serbian, Polish and others.

The ancient Slavs were very much in tune with the land and the changing of the seasons. They observed the changing of the seasons and the movement of the sun across the sky as the cycle of life of the Mother Earth. The ancients held great festivals and fairs at the beginning and end of the agricultural cycle, with rituals held in honor of the land and the overall cycle of life.

Origin of Witchcraft - a story

Long ago, when the world was still fairly new, a young woman ventured into the woods to pick mushrooms. In no time at all, the skies opened up upon her and narrowly escaping the rain, she ran beneath a tree, removed all of her clothing, and bundled them up in her bag so they would not get wet. After some time, the rain stopped and the woman resumed her mushroom picking. Weles, Horned God of the forest happened upon her, and asked her what great magic she knew in order to have kept dry during the storm.

"If you show me the secret to your magic, I will show you how I kept dry." she said. Being somewhat easily tempted by a pretty face, Weles proceeded to teach her all of his magical secrets. After he was done, she told him how she had removed her clothing and hid under a tree.

Knowing that he had been tricked, but had no one but himself to blame, Weles ran off in a rage, and thus, the first Witch came into being.

Some fun things ~ Omens & Superstitions

  • Never touch a person or shake their hand over the threshold. If you don't wait until they are inside, you will not see them again for seven years and risk angering the Domovoi to boot.
  • It is unlucky to sit at the corner of a table.
  • If the cat is cleaning herself it means that company is coming.
  • If you whistle inside, you risk losing all your money.
  • Never begin a new project on a Friday.
  • If you compliment a person on their appearance or their baby's health, you must either knock unpolished wood or spit three times over the left shoulder lest the fairy's take them.
  • Never shave or cut your hair when a family member is in danger.
  • Never cut your hair while pregnant or the umbilical cord will wrap around your baby's neck.
  • When giving flowers, give only odd numbers of flowers. Even numbers are for the dead.
  • If a bird hits the window, someone will die.
  • If you accidentally step in poop or a bird poops on you, you will win money.
  • If you break a mirror, you can run the pieces under water to counteract the bad luck.
  • Never show a newborn baby to a stranger until it is at least 40 days old.
  • Do not put keys on a table. You'll lose money.